International Collection Capability

Licensed and bonded throughout all 50 States and US Territories.

Post Judgement Enforcement

We can employ a myriad of civil remedies to ensure recovery on your civil judgment.

Skip Tracing / Cyber Investigations

We utilize commercially licensed investigative databases not available to the general public, in addition to accessing and gathering important hidden data from the deep and dark web.

Asset Location & Recovery

We have the ability to discover assets that have been hidden from public record and attach those items should the need arise to pursue legal remedies.

Time Barred Debt Revival

With each passing year your chances of being paid plummet. If all hope is lost and your delinquent accounts are past or nearing the Statute of Limitations do not hesitate to contact us! We have developed legal, proprietary techniques to revive these accounts so that you get paid!

Government Collections

We have the ability to represent State, Federal and Municipal entities in complex government collection issues.

Pre-Litigation Assistance

From witness location to asset discovery we have it covered.

Insurance Subrogation

We have the knowledge and expertise to handle claims between insurance companies and/or uninsured motorists.

Specialized Healthcare Collections

Being compliant with HIPPA and knowing how to handle sensitive patient information and difficult situations is our forte.

Commercial Collections Services

Unlike consumer debt, business to business debt can be a daunting task to recover. Allow our legal network and industry professionals to assist you.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Reporting a collection item to a consumer’s credit report can provide leverage in many situations.

NSF Checks

Accepting a bad check can be detrimental to a small business, allow our team to recover the funds you were promised!

Civil Judgement Purchasing Program

Being awarded a judgment is the very beginning of the battle and there is no guarantee of payment. If you’d rather sell your Small Claims Court District Court I.E. ‘Small Claims, District and Superior Court Judgment we can offer competitive rates.